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With DAO.AD, you get a lot of bonuses/discounts in popular tools and services


Today we want to introduce to you our friend – Binom tracker, easy best self-hosted tracker currently on the market.

Binom is simple and easy tracker with professional capabilities. During development Binom team concentrated on the operational speed and flexibility to solve the maximum spectrum of AM's tasks.

So what makes Binom so popular?

1.  Interface and redirects speed. Binom is fast in both these aspects 

2.  Fix cost. $99/month for any amount of clicks

3.  Unlimited domains. With free SSL

4.  No-redirect tracking. LP Pixel, integrated landings, Click API

5.  Solution for team work. Different groups of users

6.  Powerful API. Basically you can change everything in tracker

7.  Best technical support on the market with 1-minute median response time

Don’t forget about promocode that will give you first month free and 40% discount on the second month. Register and try now!

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OctoTracker is a professional and functional mediabuying tracking platform.

A rich set of universal tools and unique functions, as well as friendly technical support, make this tool an indispensable element in traffic flow management and generation of those very profitable bundles.

There are two TDS systems for maximum traffic control, an impressive set of flexible filters, the ability to pass moderation without redirection and Postback duplication, which allows you to bring optimization to a new level.

Add to this powerful analytics for 20+ slices, high clicks processing speed and fast report generation, as well as integration with most popular traffic sources and affiliate programs not only in the CIS, but also abroad.

With the promo code, all new tracker users will receive a 30% discount on the payment for the first month. The discount applies only to Profi tariffs.

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Our old friend RedTrack has finally become our ad tracking partner to help you get valuable insights from ad data and make efficient decisions.

What do they have? In fact much more than an ad tracker usually offers. But let’s stay on point here. Our 5 most favourite features:

  1. Accurate multi-source ad tracking with no redirects. Just one link for all your free and paid traffic sources;

  2. Traffic auto-optimization. RedTrack will stop ineffective campaigns and redistribute traffic to the most protibalte offers and creatives;

  3. Easy-to-export reports with 30+ data points with advanced customization features;

  4. Bot detection. No need to fear neither good nor bad bots anymore; 

  5. The full-fledged toolkit for those who are in eCommerce. Track post-conversion events, create white-labeled affiliate programs and stores.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Use promo code and get 30% off your subscription plan within the first two months of use.

Choose your plan and enjoy all the benefits of a quality tracking.

  • Basic plan (core tracking and free onboarding) - $34/mo.

  • Pro plan (+ notifications and automation) - $69/mo.

  • Agency plan (+ free additional users and whitelabel) - $139/mo.

  • Business plan (+dedicated manager and publisher panel) - $279/mo

    Sign up here.

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AdsBridge- is a unique tracker and TDS, which provides SmartLinks and offers for additional traffic monetization.

Among indispensable tracking functions, there are the following:

- 20 parameters for extra accurate targeting;

- in-built landing page editor;

- tracking without redirect;

- anti-fraud detector and bot-filter;

- 50 parameters of tracking for complete statistics and much more.

9 in-built SmartLinks and the whole Offers Market allow using the tracker for free and get additional profit.

Use our personal promocode and get 25% discount for all plans (except Starter)

Register now https://wepwe.adsbtrk.com/c/4f4e8e0ad41565e3

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PeerClick offers a FREE plan that includes 100,000 events and no time limits!

PeerClick is a cloud-based tracker that allows you to manage, track, analyze and optimize ad campaigns and affiliate programs in real time, with deep data analysis and AI-powered optimization tools, which allows you to maximize your income and monetize your traffic.

PeerClick benefits and functionality:

  • SAAS technology
  • Web-site Protection
  • Anti Fraud 360
  • Smart Rotation
  • Smart DNS Routing
  • Affiliate Panel
  • Multicurrency
  • Handle billions of clicks in seconds
  • High speed of information processing at any server load
  • Fast support
  • Adaptability to user needs
  • Flexible system of workspaces and additional users

Use promo code to get $ 50 on your balance! You can use them as a discount for any plan.

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