Dao.ad - Guidelines for Advertisers

1. Campaigns working status rules

1.1 Campaign approval or rejection is fully at Dao.ad's team sole discretion.

1.2 Active campaigns may be reviewed at any time and stopped without prior notice.

2. General requirements for advertising materials

2.1 The following rules are the strict but not final list of rejection reasons. In any case when you have a doubt about your advertising material, landing page content or used technics, first contact the support team for advice please.

2.2 The following contents are absolutely not allowed for any type of advertising:

  • Any sexual-related content with actors which are under 18 years old or looks like under 18 years old
  • Any type of misleading
  • Pages that automatically play audio
  • Pages that automatically download any files
  • Malware, scareware, ransonware and phishing technics and creatives
  • Blackjacking technics
  • Promoting of alcohol, tobacco or drugs in countries, where this type of ads is forbidden by law
  • Annoying flashing, flickering, shaking or blinking of advertising materials or elements on the landing page
  • Advertising materials and landing pages which use content that infringes on trademark or copyright laws including the use of the images of famous people, brand logos or well-known brand colors
  • Imitation of publisher's websites styles and interfaces
  • Materials with following acts and figures: abuse, rape, blood, extreme violence, bestiality, urination, scatophilia, incest, torture
  • Any type of promoting goods, services or content that forbidden by local law of user's jurisdiction

2.3 The following advertising materials are forbidden for non-adult/mainstream traffic sources:

  • Genitals, sexual act or masturbation
  • Sexual or suggestive texts
  • Nude breasts
  • Pubic hair
  • Position or suggestive touching
  • Any objects or shapes that may be related to sex
  • Any representation of erection, even hidden by clothes