Rules for Push Notifications campaigns

All push notifications campaigns, their texts, images, landing pages must comply with the requirements specified below.


Icon image size 192x192 pixels, main image size 500x300px.

Image format: .jpg or .png

No GIF animations

Title: max length 40 characters; min length 3 characters;

Text: max length 160 characters; min length 3 characters; 

All campaigns and ads must comply with the following policies:

1. Both creatives and landing pages must not be of poor quality (contain typos, misleading images, empty pages, etc.).

2. The use of aggressive, explicit, violent language, the use of offensive words in any language, is prohibited.  Violent images, depicting blood, entrails and dead bodies are prohibited. 

3. Sexually provocative or suggestive texts/images/icons are prohibited. 

Images with full and partial nudity (e.g. bare chest), sex toys, images of sexual intercourse, genitals, masturbation, etc. are unacceptable. 

Unacceptable for push texts: “Milfs want to have orgasm with you”, “Girls for sex for one night stand”

Acceptable for push texts: “Girls want to chat ALL NIGHT”, “Say hi to your future girlfriend in app”.

The creatives with people wearing swimsuits or undergarments are accepted if there are no sexually suggestive texts and images. Using words “sex”, “penis”, “vagina”, “masturbation”, “sperm” etc. is forbidden in creative titles and texts.

Adult landing pages / pre-landings are prohibited.

4. Scary offers

Any statements about viruses, junk files, device problems etc. are not allowed. 

5. Software

Auto-downloads and downloads from sources other than Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store are disallowed.

6. Imitation of system updates / messages is not allowed.

It is forbidden to imitate system messages of operating systems on LPs and creatives.

7. Vulnerabilities

 Landing pages that exploit the vulnerabilities in a browser (for example, to install a file) are prohibited.

8.  Tech-support offers are not allowed.

9.  Push notification campaigns with prelandings and landing pages collecting subscribers, which are blocking main Landing page/prelanding page, are not accepted.

10. Questionnaires from sponsors are strictly prohibited. Everything that can be considered as fraud or scam offers is prohibited.

11. Offers for illegal goods and services (weapons, explosives, drugs etc.) are strictly forbidden. 

12. Techniques of hiding real content using redirects; substitution of content to pass moderation, cloaking* are strictly forbidden.

These guidelines are not exhaustive, and we will reject or remove any campaign's items that we believe to be harmful to our publishers or users, even if the campaign items otherwise comply with all of our guidelines.

* Cloaking is a search engine optimization (SEO) technique in which the content presented to the search engine spider is different from that presented to the user's browser.