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What is popunder and popup advertising?

Popunder - is a window or tab with a promoted page that opens under the current browser tab when a user clicked on any area of your website.

Popup - is a window or tab with a promoted page that opens above the current browser tab when a user clicked on any area of your website.

You are able to set up both types of interaction and frequency popunder/popup firing.

How, where and how much money can be withdrawn?

You can withdraw starting from $ 10. Scheduled payments are made every Thursday for the previous week period. Also, there is the possibility of ordering an urgent payment. Urgent payments are made only on business days.

How much can I earn with your service?

Your income is unlimited! Please note that impressions / clicks from Europe / USA / New Zealand / Australia / Canada (tier1 / tier2), as well as from Russia / Ukraine are the most profitable. For the current rates - contact the managers.

What percentage of the revenue is paid to webmasters and the referral program?

Guaranteed percentage of payments is 80% of the advertiser's price and 5% for the referral program.

What websites can be used on your service?

Any category of websites, except those that violate the laws.

We don’t accept sites with following types of content:

If I do not have a website, but I have traffic from other sources, can I use your service?

Yes, you can. We have direct links which you can use to send direct traffic. Please, contact support for the details. We don’t allow fraud, bots or any other type of low quality traffic.

Also, we don’t allow adult traffic for mainstream sources.

What countries does your system work with?

We cover the entire world, but remember that CPCs depend on the geo where the user clicked.

Can search engines ban me because of cooperation with your service?

No, because we are using a bunch of techniques in our integration code to avoid any claims of search engines. In addition, all of our advertisers comply with strict rules for promoted content and are constantly reviewed manually by our compliance team.

How often are statistics updated?

Statistics are updated once a minute.

What OS and browsers is this service compatible with?

The service is compatible with any OS and web browsers.

Can I monetize my traffic by using your service?

Our service does not conflict with any other known type of monetization, therefore you can easily customize your traffic without any difficulty.

I've got a website. Where do I need to insert your code?

You need to insert this code into your site before closing tag </body>.

How much traffic can I send to your landing pages?

No limits. Our servers will be able to work with any volumes.