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Automatic rules for Sub_ID BL

Using this opportunity, traditionally we are very very glad to tell you about our recent updates, that formidably simplify our cooperation in media area:
  • «Automatic rules for BL» by Sub_ID. Now, you do not need manually blacklist low-convertible sub-sources. Our system now can do this by itself. Add several rules and combine them using logical expressions. More details and information on our blog 
  • "iTargets" are not together anymore. We created separation of different i-platforms. Here we talking about iPhones and iPads.
  • Rudimental postback params. We simplified postback mechanisms, and now you just need to send back only clickID for tracking leads. That will be enough for true work of automatic rules and true grouppings by leads in ads campaigns statistics.

Payouts fee update!

Dear partners, important information!
Due to increased commissions of some Payment systems, we are obliged to implement a withdrawal fee for the following wallets: 
Bank cards Mastercard Worldwide USD/EUR - 3.5%). WEBMONEY - 0.8%. Yoomoney - 3%. Email PAXUM - $1. Cryptocurrency fixed commission: TRC20 - $3.30, ERC20 - $5.21. Mobile CAPITALIST - $ 2.5.
Commission is calculated from the sum which is generated for withdrawal. Thank you for understanding and always staying with us!