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Do I need to have an SSL certificate for the site?

Not necessary. We work even with sites without SSL certificate.

How, where and how much money can be withdrawn?

You can withdraw starting from $ 10. Scheduled payments are done every Thursday for the previous week period. Also, there is possibility of ordering urgent payment. Urgent payments are made only on weekdays.

How much can I earn with your service?

Your income is unlimited! Please note that impressions / clicks from Europe / States / New Zealand / Australia / Canada (tier1 / tier2), as well as from Russia / Ukraine are the most profitable. For the current rates - contact the managers.

What percentage of the revenue is paid to webmasters and the

referral program?

Guaranteed percentage of payments for advertising is 80% of the advertiser's price and 5% for the referral program.

What websites can be used on your service?

Any category of websites, except only those violating the laws.

If I do not have a website, but I have traffic from affiliate

systems, can I use your service?

Yes, you can. For these reasons we have unique landings, which can be used by you for sending traffic from different resources.

What countries your system works with?

We cover the entire world, but, remember, the rates for showings/clicks can differ depending on country of subscribtion.

What languages your landing pages support?

Our landing pages are adaptive to the 16 languages and are shown for the user on his native language.

Can search engines ban me because of cooperation with your


No, because push notifications is a technology made by Google.

How often are statistics updated?

Statistics updated once in 5 minutes.

What OS and browsers the service is compatible with?

The service Daopush is compatible with the following OS and web browsers:

OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android Browsers;

PC - Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex Browser, Mozilla Firefox;

Mobile - Google Chrome, Opera, Samsung Browser, Android Browser etc;

We recommend to accent on Google Chrome browser on both mobile and desktop devices

Can I monetize my traffic by using your service?

Our service does not conflict with any other known type of monetization, therefore you can easily customize your traffic without any difficulty.

How long users will get push notifications?

Users will get push notifications while they are subscribed. Publishers will get an income for all the entire period while users are subscribed.