Dao.Ad - unique conversion and monetization platform

Dao.Ad - unique conversion and monetization platform

Welcome to Dao.Ad

Create source of traffic

Navigate to the “ sources” page of  ad format you need  and click on  “Create source”:

Create push notification source

Create popunder/clickunder source

Create native source

Create video source

Create inpage push source

 To add a website set type "Site"

 For traffic monetization without website - set  type "Link" 

NOTE: source with type "Link" is not available for Video and Native ad formats

You can use the inpage push landing source to get additional profit on Classic push source - just add  inpage source ID ( landing type) to classic push source configaration.

Please, make sure, you set one of the categories mainstream/adult/racy according to your traffic source and fill in all required fields* 

Then  give us some time to review and approve your website/link. This usually takes just a few minutes. For any questions and suggestions, please contact your personal manager.

NOTE: you can use all of the ad formats options for website monetization to get maximum profit . 

Generate your code

In order to generate ad script for your website or link on which you can send traffic navigate to the “ sources” page and click on 


Ads types description:

Classic Push Notifications 

For websites on https protocol we provide a “self domain” script. That gives an ability to collect push subscriptions directly on your website domain.

If you have a website on http protocol you can use one of script variotin which leads the user to a  landing page with push notification request.

Visualization and performance  of each script type you can find on the page of “Site” script generation.

For type “Link” you can set an additional amount of  redirect to get more subscriptions of one user. 

Inpage push

For best performance on your website we  provide a variety of designs and animations of inpage push ads. Moreover, you can set the frequency of impression and pause duration between impressions.

You can choose any engle of website for inpage placement.

Note that using several ad codes from other ad networks  on the same page may lead to conflict of the codes.


Add generated ad script on your website. Before clicking on the Get Code button, make sure you set the right type of Popunder/Clickander ad script performance for your website.

You can set pause duration before script start perform and the frequency of impressions per one user.

Video ads

You can set  ad script on a website or implement it into a player. 

Available script type options: Video Pre-Roll, Video Slider in the engel of website and VAST link. On the page of script generation you can find all settings you need to make Video ad best performance. We highly recommend asking the personal manager in order to get advice what script type will work best for your website.

Native teaser

Native teaser script can be placed anywhere in the page body

For best performance on your website the main criterias are : number of ad units, aspect ratio, design and text color.

Codes installation

Add generated ad code into source code on your website. Please, use a guide on code installation which you can find on the page of script generation. 

Note that using several codes of same ad format on the same page may lead to conflict of the codes.

Statistics and Payouts

There are two ways to access your statistics:

Navigate to the Statistics page at the main admin panel;

Click  next to a traffic source (you will only see this traffic source’s or stats);

You can track stats by API statistic link as well


Statistics  will show your revenue and  how well the ads perform.  You can apply different filters and date ranges to get as granular as you need. Our statistics update within  5 minutes


To get  payment on time, you have to fill all required payment details at the profile page.

Please note: contact your personal manager to get an urgent payment.

We send your planned payouts 1 time per week on Thursday for last week.

Payments status and payments history you can find at the Payments Page.

For any questions and suggestions, please contact your personal manager - Contact Support.


Choose ad format

DAO.AD offers 5 ad formats - popunder, push, inpage push, video, native ads,  all of them converting with high ROI in all verticals.

Here you can see the top verticals for each ad format.

- popunder - Gambling, Dating, Betting, Utilities|Software, Wap click

- push - Finance, Sweepstakes, Crypto, Gambling, Utilities, Software

- inpage push - Gambling, Dating, YouTube promotions, News promotion

- video - Wap click, Dating, Gambling, News promotion, Betting

- native ads - Dating, News promotion, Nutra, Gambling, Wap click

Note, that amount of traffic depends on setted targeting.

For more accurate data of available traffic volumes and recommended bids ask your personal manager

Top up your balance

Go  to the Balance on your personal dashboard. There you will find available payment methods, payment history, etc.

Available payment methods:

- WebMoney WMZ - Deposit not including 15% webmoney service fee

- Stripe $ - Deposit not including Stripe ~4% fee + 0.30$ per transaction.

You can pay by: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay

- Stripe € - Deposit not including Stripe ~4% fee + 0.30$ per transaction.

You can pay by: iDEAL, Bancontact, giropay, Przelewy24, EPS

- Paxum  - Deposit with 1$ Paxum service fee

- Capitalist - easy top up, minimal fee%

- Payoneer - In order to top up with Payonner, please, pay on  [email protected] with follow payment description:

 dao.ad add funds account ID 

Once payment is completed, contact your personal manager.

- Wire - the minimum deposit sum is $1000 , IO agreement is a must

- ACH Payments - payment system for Bank Transfer in the US. The minimum deposit sum is $1000 , IO agreement is a must

- Crypto BTC -  Deposit not including 1% (min. 0,7 EUR) CoinsPaid service fee.

You can pay by:

Bitcoin - no fee

Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Binance Coin, Tether USD, Tron - could be transaction fee

- USDTT - Deposit not including 0,8% (min 0,4 EUR) CoinsPaid service fee.

Supported payment methods:

USDTT - no fee

Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tron - could be internal fee 

Create campaign

Go to the "Campaigns" tab /choose ad format/ click on Create campaign.

 What you need to know t before start your first campaign :

- After moderation all new campaigns will be active automatically. 

- If you don’t want campaigns started automatically,  set work status -” pause “ for a new campaign. 

- Bidding types 

CPC - popunder, push, inpage push

CPC and CPM - Native

CPM - video

- If you don’t use a tracker service, you can set postback for tracking your conversions right at the statistics panel.

How to set up a postback:

To set up the postback correctly, you need to set up data transfer between the ad network and the affiliate program. To do this you need to make 3 steps :

1.  add {click_id} param to your Offer URL


2. Find a  postback URL at the campaign settings and set it on the side of the affiliate network


 хххххххххххххххх -unique key, {sum} - cost,  {ref_id} - param for clickId

- Check if you set all needed macroses correctly. Dao.ad macros list you can find by the link https://dao.ad/en/manage/page/public-macros

- Available targeting options : Country, region and city ,Carrier, OS, Browser, Category (Mainstream, Adult, Racy), Traffic quality (Low, Regular, High, Premium).


- In order to decrease your spendings and improve ROI,  we highly recommend using  Blacklists and whitelists.  You can choose a whole source or a smaller entity - SubId.

- Adult creatives and offers could be used only in the adult category.

Mainstream offers of any verticals could be used in mainstream category.

For more details you can check policy for ad creatives

- You can set limits by spend/shows/clicks for each ad campaign.

Follow up statistic

To check statistics -  tap on the icon in front of the campaign.

You can group statistics by a lot of parameters, such as hours, countries, sources, platforms and many more.

If you set up postback you can track the sum of leads and ROI right on the statistics panel.