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How can I start working in the system as an advertiser?

First of all, you need to replenish your account and create an advertising campaign.

How often statistics update?

Statistics updates once in 5 mins for push, once in a minute for pop.

What OS and browsers the service is compatible with?

The service Dao.Ad is compatible with the following OS and web browsers:

OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS (pop)


PC - Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex Browser, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox (pop);

Mobile - Google Chrome, Opera, Samsung Browser, Android Browser, Mozilla Firefox (pop), Safari (pop);

We recommend to make accent on Google Chrome browser on both mobile and desktop devices for push notifications format.

What countries does your system cover?

We cover the entire world, but you need to remember that the prices for clicks/shows can be different depending on country of impression.

How much traffic can I get to my campaigns?

Traffic quantity depends on many targeting settings: country, category, rate, web browser, OS.

What is the frequency of push notifications?

Push notifications take place twice per hour. In case of ads campaign include Targeting 'by Time' of receiving notifications, user will get ads at HIS LOCAL TIME.

What is the minimal amount to replenish your balance?

Minimal amount to replenish your balance is 50 US Dollars.

What payment systems can I use to replenish my balance?

To replenish your balance, you can use one of the 10 most famous merchant services. For more details, please, contact support.

What time does the moderation of advertising campaigns take place at?

Working hours: 7:00 - 23:00 CET, Monday-Sunday.

What are the most common reasons for campaign and creative decline?

The note can show the reason of campaign/creative rejection. Rules can be found here: Rules (push) or here: Rules (general).

Also, make sure that country and other targeting settings are selected.

Ad campaign created, but traffic does not appear.

1. You need to make sure that you have enough funds on your balance - at least more than $5 (push campaigns with CPC mode).

2. The advertising campaign or creative is still on moderation. (status of the advertising campaign )

3. According to the targeting settings, there is little traffic. Check with the manager about the presence of traffic according to these settings. (Not enough traffic for the specific targeting settings. Ask the manager about the availability of traffic according to these settings)

4. Your price bid in the advertising campaign is too low (or CTR is too low - relevant for push advertising campaigns with CPC payment model), check the recommended price. (Your ad campaign bid is too low)

5. Push creative has been ranked with a CTR of 0.00%. In this case, there will be no more impressions, as the creative bid for participating in the auction is determined based on the CTR * CPC. (Creative has ranked with a CTR = 0.00%. In this case, there will be no more impressions, as the creative bid for participating in the auction is determined on the basis of the following calculation: CTR * CPC.)

6 The limit is set: on the budget or on the number of impressions / clicks for the campaign. Make sure that the limit is not set and / or not reached.

After adding new push creative, it doesn't receive any traffic.

Make sure that new creative has “Started” status and has been approved already.

Traffic has stopped in CPM campaign.

1. Check your balance. Maybe there is not enough money to get traffic for your campaigns.

2. Competitive price is higher than yours, and another campaign gets more traffic. You need to increase price.

How can I change the type of my already created ads campaign?

Currently we do not allow to change CPM->CPC, CPC->CPM pay type of campaign. So, if you need to change pay type in already created and active campaign, you need to copy it and change paytype mode.

What model is more profitable for push: CPC or CPM?

Both are good. Difference is on the final goal that you want to reach. If you created ads campaign to inform people about website or service news, CPM is better. If your final goal is sales - CPC is usually better.

Where can I check how my ads campaign looks like?

To check how your ads look like you need to subscribe to service-worker, to allow send messages to you. Then, open Creatives menu and click to Push preview

How to add emoji in text of push notification?

To display emoji in the text of the push notification correctly, you need to insert emoji as a symbol, not as a html-code, otherwise it will be interpreted as text.

Do I need to have an SSL certificate for the site?

Not necessary. We work even with sites without SSL certificate.

How, where and how much money can be withdrawn?

You can withdraw starting from $ 10. Scheduled payments are made every Thursday for the previous week period. Also, there is the possibility of ordering an urgent payment. Urgent payments are made only on business days.

How much can I earn with your service?

Your income is unlimited! Please note that impressions / clicks from Europe / USA / New Zealand / Australia / Canada (tier1 / tier2), as well as from Russia / Ukraine are the most profitable. For the current rates - contact the managers.

What percentage of the revenue is paid to webmasters and the referral program?

Guaranteed percentage of payments is 80% of the advertiser's price and 5% for the referral program.

What websites can be used on your service?

Any category of websites, except those that violate the laws.

We don’t accept sites with following types of content:

Any sexual-related content with actors which are under 18 years old or looks like under 18 years old

Malware, scareware, ransomware, phishing techniques and creatives to send misleading traffic

We don’t allow any adult sites for mainstream traffic

If I do not have a website, but I have traffic from other sources, can I use your service?

Yes, you can. We have direct links which you can use to send direct traffic. For push traffic, we have unique landings, which can be used by you for sending traffic from different resources. Please, contact support for the details.

Our landing pages are adaptive to the 16 languages and are shown for the user on his native language. We don’t allow fraud, bots or any other type of low quality traffic.

Also, we don’t allow adult traffic for mainstream sources.

Can search engines ban me because of cooperation with your service?

No, because we are using a bunch of techniques in our integration code to avoid any claims of search engines. In addition, all of our advertisers comply with strict rules for promoted content and are constantly reviewed manually by our compliance team.

What OS and browsers is this service compatible with?

The service is compatible with any OS and web browsers.

Can I additionally monetize my traffic using your service?

Our service does not conflict with any other known type of monetization, therefore you can easily customize your traffic without any difficulty.

I've got a website. Where do I need to insert your code?

For popunder code, you need to insert this code into your site before closing tag </body>.

For push notifications code, you need to put unpacked files at the root of your site

How much traffic can I send to your landing pages?

No limits. Our servers will be able to work with any volumes.

What is popunder and popup advertising?

Popunder - is a window or tab with a promoted page that opens under the current browser tab when a user clicks on any area of your website.

Popup - is a window or tab with a promoted page that opens above the current browser tab when a user clicks on any area of your website.

You are able to set up both types of interaction and frequency popunder/popup firing.

How long users will get push notifications?

Users will get push notifications while they are subscribed. Publishers will get an income for all the entire period while users are subscribed.